Why Move to Maineville Ohio

Located nearly 30 miles from the center of Cincinnati, many people ask the question: why live in Maineville Ohio. There are many different answers, and their importance depends upon the person asking. People base residence choices on a number of factors that include commute time, size of the town, services available and hometown atmosphere. Potential residents must decide for themselves if the attributes come up in favor of a particular town or not. This village has many check marks on the plus side.


Why live in Maineville Ohio?

Services are always an important factor in choosing a town or city residence. Why live in Maineville Ohio is answered positively in this category. Governed by a Mayor and a six-person City Council, local services include police and street maintenance services. The fire department and EMS services are supplied by the nearby township of Hamilton. Best of all, there is only one school district for the entire village. Parents will know where their children will attend school at any age or grade.

Affordable Real Estate Properties

Another great reason why you should consider to move to this small intimate town is the fact that the properties are such a smart investment right now. The properties aren’t as expensive, while the space of each property is significantly larger than the price that you pay for. It is a smart town to place your investment in, as there are many real estate opportunities, which in many other states and towns aren’t ever the case. The moment you look into Maineville Ohio for property hunting, you will immediately notice how much options you have to choose from.

Really Get To Know Your Neighbors 

Now the actual reasons why you should move to Maineville Ohio is the fact that you will be able to really get to know your neighbors, which is something that never happens when you live in the city or in a huge town. Because of the very small population, the crime rate is extremely low, therefore it is a wonderful place to move your entire family to. Being able to know who your family lives next to is a huge advantage, as it will give you the peace of mind in knowing that burglaries will never happen.

Small towns are a wonderful place to raise a family because people have a chance to know their neighbors and keep their local government responsible. This village provides a variety of services for residents that create a hometown atmosphere while keeping property values intact. There are several committees open to villagers such as the finance, planning and holiday committees. There is even a public drop-off available for unused medications. This is offered to residents to help them keep their homes safe.

Get Increased Investment Value

When you buy your property here, and decide to build new or buy existing, you will be happy to know that your property will hold its property value.

Estimated median house or condo value in 2013: $151,764 (it was $129,900 in 2000)

Maineville: $151,764
OH: $127,000

Maineville is a wonderful village that is still in big development and growth. Moving here can let you start off in a new town and in a fun but still growing village.

median list price for Maineville

Choosing any location for residence will always depend on personal circumstances. The question: why live in Maineville Ohio does have many factors to recommend it. It is a small village that offers necessary services for its residents. Parents know their children will have a small town upbringing and be able to attend their classes in one school district. Residents have a say in their local government through committees and town meetings. It is also an easy commute to Cincinnati. This makes is a perfect place for those that want small town living with big city benefits.

If you are interested in finding your perfect home in Maineville or the surrounding area contact me for help.

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